Thursday, June 2, 2011

Skagit Valley Tulips of 2011

One of the things I love about living in western Washington are the annual blooming of the tulip fields in the Skagit Valley. These fields are about 60 miles or so north of Seattle and just west of Mt.Vernon.

The color from the tulips are wondrous. They are one of my all time favorite photo subjects.

Here's pictures of this years blooms. Enjoy!

Lovely fields of red and yellow

Workers in the field plucking off blossoms so the bulbs grow big and strong

Strong blooms of red

Workers also in the red field also picking blooms - a couple of hours later and there would be no color left.

Last glimpse of the field before all the blooms are removed.

Worker warning sightseers that the field is off limits.

Truck full of blossoms.

Red glory!

Bands of red and purple!

Purple blooms - note the snow on the hills - it's been a COLD spring!

Sightseers clicking pictures.

My Mom - Betty Pincha - in her usual stance - taking pictures. I learned about cameras from her. She's enjoyed being a nature photographer in her retirement. She's doing great for an 82 year old!

Ha! Finally got her to look up from her camera!

We weren't the only photographers. Here's one mother and daughter out taking pictures. I took pictures of the both of them with her camera. The little girl was adorable.

Such a lovely purple.

One color next to the other.

Red, red blooms.

The following photos are from the display garden at the Roozengaarde Farm. (
they have the best display garden in the Skagit Valley. They plant thousands of bulbs in an amazing variety of tulips.  This garden is the highlight of the trip to see the tulips.

I love the sun shining through the petals on tulips like these. It makes them glow!

Color mix!

Glowing red.

Glorious blooms.

"Queen of the Night" black blooms against the White Dreams!

Negrita's dark purple against the red and yellow Elites.

The last of the daffodils still strong with the Maureen tulips.

Red and white always work so well together!

These two Zurels looked like one was eating the other.

This is what you see as you enter the Roozengaarde Farm main gate.

Roozengaarde Farm main gate display.

Golden glorious!

A magnificent bloom!

What a wonderful display!

Double blooms. The wonderful touch of orange makes the bloom glow!

Such a heady display.

Luscious petals

Pink perfection.

They did it again this year - the blue path of  MUSCARI ARMENIACUM - i.e. grape hyacinths. It winds a beautiful road.

Wondrous colors.

Again the path.

White, white daffodils bring out the red tulips.

Queen of the Nights, yellow orange Apertif, & purple Caravelle.

Red Ad Rems

Perfect composition.


Oh, what a carpet!

The glorious ELITE




A luminous single FIDELIO

White edged KUNG FU!

Full open MAUREEN

MAUREEN interior

Apeldoorn tulips and Cheerfulness daffodil

Maureen's and Yellow Flight's



Finally caught mom in a resting moment

Variegated beauty.




  1. WOW Pam. Those are breathe taking!! How awesome to be able to see your pictures!! Thanks for sharing. Pam

  2. In Holland Michigan they have a tulip festival every year with acres and acres of tulips. I now know someone who lives there and hope to go next year.

  3. What an amazing place/event to be able to visit! It is great in pictures so I am sure it is breathtaking in person! Thanks for sharing, Katy