Friday, June 10, 2011

Crazy Quilt name tag

A while back I joined a quilting group - "Going to Pieces" - that meets at one of my favorite fabric stores. One thing I noticed is that many of them had quilted little name tags. Some are really cool. They even have a rule that one contributes a quarter every time one attends a meeting without one.

Well, it's been several months now I've gone without a name tag. Also found out that I'm the only crazy quilter in the group.

So, last month decided it was about time to make a name tag. Am not sure why but it seemed like the thing to do. What was amazing is that the idea seemed to gel and take off. The next thing I knew, some small scraps and a bit of heavy felt and the tag really started to come together. It pieced together in no time.

Had to sit and look at it for a bit to figure out how to start embellishing it. Finally put needle and thread to the cloth. Again things have started to take off. 

In the online Crazy Quilting International group they have a basic stitch of the week to use to make a seam. A recent one is the encrusted beading stitch. Got to use this stitch on the center of the flower.  I also used some bugle beads to make my name on the tag.

Here's some pictures of the the name tag under embellishment.

This the tag in the orientation I'll wear it.

Close up of the encrusted beaded stitch in center of flower.

Closer look.
This is a fun little project.


  1. Love your little tag, the bead encrustion is gorjus.
    love n hugs bear xoxoxoxoxox

  2. Oh this is really cute and I love the beaded flower...

  3. I like the way you treated the dragonfly and the texture of the French knots for the background. Nice! Katy