Thursday, March 22, 2012

Belgium Flag square - almost done

Well I've almost got this block done. It's turning out better than expected. Here's some pictures of what it currently looks like.

Full square - only a little left to do.

I finished embroidering Belgium's heraldic lion. He looks so regal.
I also embroidered next to the Belgium lace (from Bruges, Flanders) 
to soften the seam line on this square.

Embroidered enhanced lace. I had fun with this seam.
The upper corner is a Gillies Ceremonial hat motif  I embroidered.
The gold and red crown and stars are other motifs found on
the Gillies costumes (as you can see below).
The Gillies are Carnival characters common to the Binche Carnival.
Very fun costumes. I thought the hat would be interesting on this block.
The Gilles characters at the  Binche Carnival

Blancs Moussis mask of Stavelot Carnival Festival and seam

Blancs Moussis characters of Stavelot festival

Added a seam treatment around my little horse. Used buttonhole and
chain stitch wheels along a Ceylon stitch border line.

Red Poppies - national flower.

Lace motif in lower right corner of lady making bobbin lace
with my embellishment on lace.


  1. Your Belgium blocks and stitching is fantastic. I loved visiting the beautiful town of Brugge many years ago and brought home with me some very lovely Lace. Hugs Judy

  2. Wow, I wasn't sure it could get any better after the horse, but all the lace and special motifs are even more wonderful! The mask and the headgear are very impressive; I've never seen them before and wouldn't have related them to Belgium. Now I kn!ow