Friday, July 1, 2011

Wildlife in my front yard

It's that time of year to think and see the wildlife in my yard. Over the years I've managed to get a few pictures.

One Morning I was really surprised by a group of coyote pups gamboling all around my front yard. (This is what happens when I forget to cut the grass.)  Their guardian (mother?) was lying just under the hedge watching the group. For some reason she thought my front yard was a good playpen. And play they did!

Mom said this is a good place!

What's here?

What is that?

Okay I've got something to tear apart! Mine! All mine!

There's got to be something to pounce here somewhere!

Hmmm. What's this?

Ah! Now I'm going to get him!

You ready to give up?

What is that person doing?

Who are you?

Sleeping Coyote mama

Ah, ha! Gotch'ya again!
Then of course there are the "long legged rodents (i.e. deer)  that love to much on roses! We have a small herd of these beasties in our small acreage. Caught photos of one young buck a short while back just leisurely munching grass in my front yard. Was able to get some good photo's out my dining room window. This fellow had no fear.


  1. Love all your friends, neat pictures...
    Linda in NM

  2. What a wild, wonderful place you live in!