Friday, March 11, 2011

More Tulips

It was a very blustery day, Pooh!
Decided some more of my tulip pictures are needed to remember the upcoming spring.

Luscious golden blooms against red.
Display bed glory
Lovely contrasting color
"Queen of the the Nights" against delicate pinks
More "Queens of the Night"

Frilly edged tulips
Red spectrum

Variegated orange
Interior design
Wonderful wave design
Yet another nature design
Waves and color
Blood and sunlight
What a carpet of color
So tasty!
Dark glory
Wave right - wave left
Sun highlights
Crimson shine
White innocence
Flower spectrum
Pink delicacy
Wave right
Captured sunlight


  1. Hello from sorta Warmish Michigan,

    Oh how lovely all your tulips look. All the shades of the rainbow. Truly beautiful. Thanks for sharing. It certainly perks up ones spirit to see such beauty. Hugs Judy

  2. Pam, your tulips are absolutely gorgeous!!! Great photography!!!


  3. beautiful tulips. They come in so many loucious this your property? I can only hope to ever have something as stunning as this..Lisa